Park Avenue Summer By Renee Rosen (Review by Kala Saxon)

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Rating: 4/5

This was a lighthearted historical fiction that I decided to try because the main setting was one of my favorite magazines, Cosmopolitan. Although it is listed under historical fiction, this felt more like a contemporary read even if it took place over fifty years ago. I loved learning the history behind the Cosmopolitan magazine, which is one of my favorite magazines that I started reading at the tender age of sixteen. I liked that the story wasn’t focused on Helen but on her secretary, Alice.

Alice’s story gave insight to what it was like being a woman during that time period when women were expected to only want to be wives, mothers and nothing else. What it was like to be a woman who could hold her own no matter what was thrown her way and to know that she didn’t have to back down from her dreams and goals. Unfortunately, that is still something that women have to deal with today.

Alice moved to New York with a dream in her pocket and the determination to make her late mother proud. What she found was her own voice and a life that she was determined to live because of her own goals and desires. She didn’t let things weigh her down and she was willing to take chances that were probably frowned upon.

This story is about taking risks with your heart and your future. While also showing how strong women can be and what happens when you really put your heart and mind to something. That you should never let the pressure of what society thinks you should do influence your decisions.

This will be a perfect summer read this year. It will make you want to go out and tackle your goals while looking fabulous.

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