Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter (Review by Taylor Bridgeforth)

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WOW! It took me entirely too long to read this book, Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter, when I was so excited by the author and book summary. I’d say this book was 200 pages too long of Andrea boo-hooing instead of attacking survival mode.

I was hooked in the beginning when 55 year old mom and cancer survivor, Laura, pretty much karate chopped a man (who was shooting up a diner) and stabbed him in the neck—instant death and pleasantly surprised. However, her daughter, Andrea, was shocked and confused instead of saying ‘thank you, mom for saving my life.’

Once the book picked back up to what me as a reader craved (how did Laura know self-defense? Why does she have a storage unit packed with money? What is in Idaho?—among others), only then could I not put the book down. Before that, I took an abnormally amount of naps.

Laura’s secrets spilled on top of each other while her daughter was on the run and found a boy to kiss then love her, LOL. Laura’s interest in men was questionable but that happens when they’re master manipulators, and her family was all 50 shades of messed up. The fact that Laura had any moral compass at all when she was blindly in love and incredibly rich was the icing on the evilest cake!

Upon purchasing the book, do yourself a favor and skip to page 133 (Chapter 7) and then ENJOY!

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