Postscript by Cecelia Ahern (Review by Katherine Scanlon)

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Rating: 4 stars

Whether or not your first encounter with Holly was on the big screen or while reading P.S. I Love You, you are sure to enjoy Cecilia Ahern’s newest novel. Postscript is a heartwarming read that feels like catching up with an old friend. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing where life has taken Holly and how Gerry is still a part of her life today. Though less haunting, Gerry’s influence has never left Holly and in Postscript takes her on a truly unexpected journey.

Though at times predictable the story was lovely. We can likely all identify with at least one member of the P.S. I Love You Club. Be it a friend, a mother, a father or grandmother we all know someone who has dealt with the reality that life may come to an end sooner or not as easily as we planned. Through all the challenges faced by the members of the club we I was able to relate to the members of the club. I understand their desire to be remembered and care for their loved after they are gone. I found myself touched by the stories and finding my own within them. The story truly made me wonder if this is something that we should all be doing for our own loved ones.

Although enjoyable I found myself craving some of the romance that we see between Holly and Gerry in P.S. I Love you. But this novel shows us how we change and grow as individuals and doesn’t dwell too much on the past. Holly is not the same woman that we’ve met before. She has evolved and grown into someone who faces her fears. Though she still battles with the pain of love and loss it is a touching and relatable journey.

At times Postscript is heartbreaking. But, the messages of love and hope for those of us left behind leave an uplifting and hopeful outlook for the reader. There is no doubt that we will all be faced with a time when we could use some reminder of the ones we love. This story may help you explore how you might just do that for yourself.

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