Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert (Review by Taylor Bridgeforth)

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*3.5 stars

Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert categorized as a thriller is the most lukewarm vengeance E V E R.
Kerrie (or ‘Olivia’) is watching the Hollywood news when Jordana comes on talking about planning a wedding for super rich people (the wedding of the century!!!!!!!!!) and is looking for an assistant then loses her mind. Kerrie leaves her apartment and boyfriend of three years in Connecticut to move to New York to become Jordana’s assistant and ruin her life. But why? All we know for a while is that it involves Kerrie’s grandmother who is now dead but what else?

Jordana has her own problems: horrible marriage with a selfish husband, outrunning her childhood, securing her own identity; and poor girl thinks Kerrie is her saving grace and new bff…

Kerrie seeking revenge starts really petty. She’s messing up wedding things that can be fixed within the day and falling for a bride’s groom, William. Tsk! She doesn’t get far in her sabotage until she enlists her neighbor Sara, former journalist for The Wall Street Journal. Sara takes the reigns to expose William’s father-in-law which in return exposes Jordana’s husband and Jordana.

Way way back, Kerrie was being weird and peeping into Jordana’s house watching her and her mother getting abused by her father—and Kerrie was jealous of Jordana’s life…? On a very bad day, Kerrie was walking the neighborhood and saw Jordana hit her dad from behind with a chair. Kerrie invited Jordana over to hide but Jordana wanted to run, so she did—with Kerrie’s mother’s engagement ring and money her grandmother hid and ended up in New York; then spent the next 18 years building a seemingly happy life for herself. Also, Jordana left the gas stove on when lighting her cigarette so grams died from smoke inhalation—hence Kerrie’s need for revenge.

Jordana definitely should have sent Kerrie $$$omething when she got back on her feet as a thank you then maybe maybe Kerrie wouldn’t have went cray cray.

Kerrie confronts Jordana, there are boohoo’s and rude words resulting in Kerrie being able to finally be her best self…? Jordana’s husband is whisked away in handcuffs and Jordana flees to god knows where and leaves Kerrie her wedding planning business. Lukewarm at best.

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