Promises of the Heart by Nan Rossiter (Review by Missi Gwartney)

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Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Bringing to light issues such as foster care, infertility, and childhood illness along with the very real emotions of love, faith, loss, and grief, Nan Rossiter’s new novel, Promises of the Heart, is an emotional journey of both adults and children learning how to deal with real life while they wrestle with holding onto hope for the future. Can a happy future possibly come from the many broken pieces of different people?

Ben and Macey Samuelson want nothing more than to fill their home with a child of their own. However, after several miscarriages it looks to be impossible. With her family suggesting adoption, Ben and Macey are sure that isn’t the path they want to take and that it may be time to finally let go of the dream of having a child of their own. When Macey encounters, Keeper, a local, crippled dog up for adoption, her heart breaks at the thought of not taking him home. Unknowingly to Macey (or Ben) at the time, Keeper may just prove to be the missing piece they didn’t know they were waiting for.

Harper Wheaton is a nine-year-old child who seems to be lost among the foster care system. Continually moved from one home to another, she grows weary of ever finding a permanent family of her own. With the reputation for causing trouble and now the additional problem of a weakened heart, Harper is convinced she is simply “unadoptable”. When fate steps into her life, in the forms of Macey Samuelson and Keeper, will Harper be able to finally let go of her anger to allow a new family to love her?

This book is the first installment of the Savannah Skies series and I am excited to see what is next. Rossiter does a great job of intertwining a seemingly happily ever after story with the complications of real life. The characters seemed so real and humanly flawed that it was easy to get drawn into the story, Whether I was aching for Macey through her grief, laughing while Ben was drug along for the ride, or heart-broken for Harper’s sense of hopelessness and loss, the story was engaging and emotional from start to finish. I’d recommend this book if you love heartfelt characters, happy endings, and the unexpected ways that fate, faith, and family can work.

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