Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool by Shantelle Bisson (Review by Amanda Woodruff)

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Rating for this book: 3

I was very excited to review this book however, I feel it fell short of the expectations I had placed on it.
The first few chapters were well written and I was completely engaged with them. There were a few topics that I shook my head at. Her outlook on things that she didn’t do when raising her children almost seemed to come across as condemning those who did use those things while parenting. I felt some of her thoughts were a little harsh for example her outlook on co sleeping and how it relates to sids. Being a mother myself and now pregnant again I felt attacked at some parts of this book and I’m sure other readers would as well, which isn’t something that any mother wants to feel.

Mom shaming is so prevalent in today’s society and I personally felt some aspects of this book would be considered shaming with the words she used and the message she was sending.

With that being said, I did love all the personal stories and what worked for her and what didn’t. I also really enjoyed the fact that the book went past the infancy and toddler ages. I thought that was a great way to connect with a wider range of people and help those no matter what age their children are.

I couldn’t get behind the swearing and the fact that every chapter ended with having sex and the aspect that this was the most important part of being a parent! I totally understand the importance and the message she was trying to send but I just found it to be shoved down your throat.

Overall this book was just okay, however I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends.

Thanks for reading my review.

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