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  • Denver gets down with BookTrib!
    This month Denver had a cracking show of new members - everyone was very excited about the BookTrib partnership where members can win advance copies of highly anticipated books!
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  • Brunch with Author Hannah Orenstein in NYC!
    We had the great good fortune of having brunch in Manhattan with author Hannah Orenstein and discussed her book - Playing with Matches.
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  • Phaedra Patrick visits the GBC!
    This month we were very lucky to have our July Author, Phaedra Patrick visit not only her home chapter - Manchester but she also traveled to Birmingham for their meeting the next night! She was an incredibly lovely author who charmed both chapters.
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  • Appreciating the Arts with the Oklahoma GBC
    The Oklahoma Girly Book Club tries to host at least one event outside of book club once a year to appreciate the arts. Last year we were very fortunate to see the Kehindi Wiley exhibit before he was commissioned to do the official portrait of President Obama.Last night we got to see an amazing exhibit of life size paper dresses by Isabel de Borchgrave, in which we got to explore the history of fashion out of paper. It was truly an amazing experience. The museum also celebrated the kick off-of for PRIDE celebrations with models and a red carpet event.The last few days have been hard as I watch the images of children in my country in cages, the sounds of their cries, and the despicable lack of compassion from the government. Even as I got ready for our night out, I thought to myself, how can I enjoy a night out, knowing what is going on in my country? None the less, I got ready and found it was a much-needed respite from the reality we are facing. I also had to remind myself that it was important to attend and participate in this event because the LGBTQ community needs our support, especially in the Midwest. We couldn't help ourselves and briefly talked about Poppy from this month's book "This is How It Always Is".Last night was a reminder of how great our group is and how open and like-minded we are, joined by the love of reading. I strongly believe that reading opens our hearts to different customs, ideals, and compassion. Keep finding these amazing books that open our minds! We need more compassion in the world!Best, Veronica - Oklahoma GBC Host
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  • Smiles from our Minneapolis chapter
    A shot from some of our wonderful members in the Minneapolis chapter.
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  • A collection of shots from around the world!
    Here is a collection of our book club meetings over the past few months from around the world. Gives you a good sense of the atmosphere and wonderful members we welcome on a monthly basis. Hope you can join us soon!
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  • Baltimore shows up in spades for the Alice Network!
    In October, Baltimore had their biggest event to date with over 16 ladies in attendance. They discussed The Alice Network and the consensus was it was a great choice!
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  • Oklahoma Styles for Halloween
    We just finished our October meeting. We saw new ladies, returning ladies, and regular ladies. I love hearing our personal ladies' stories in relation to the books we read. I always come away feeling empowered by the spirit and strong conviction that our ladies radiate. I could listen to two of our oldest members, Trudi and Suzanne all day. They are best friends and have some amazing stories to tell! Included below are some pictures of some of us dressed up in literary character for our annual October meeting. We had a lot of fun and Cyndi did an amazing job with table decorations.Veronica OKC Girly Book Club
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  • New Member Welcome in Minneapolis
    Minneapolis had an incredible turn out (33 women) when they invited their new members to join them 30 minutes before the other members arrived.
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  • Cincinnati's Third Girly Book Club!
     We had 8 women last night here in Cincinnati! I was so happy we had so many, hoping we continue to grow! We got some great feedback, they all agreed the questions were insightful and thought provoking and we had some great discussion. They are also excited for next month’s book!Here’s our group at the Unwind Wine Bar :) ~Emily Hall (Host)
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  • Muskoka Host Retreat 2017
    In September 2017 we had the most incredible weekend in Muskoka, Ontario. We invited 12 of our GBC hosts from mostly Ontario based chapters to join us- although we did have the ever so lovely Linda from our Jacksonville, Florida chapter to represent our wonderful Southern neighbors. Not only was the weather beyond perfect but the company was spot on as we discussed best practices and ways to collaborate with each other. It was a good mix of long standing clubs (Ottawa) and brand new chapters (Hamilton) and everyone left not only with some good ideas on how to grow their own chapters but also having learnt something new about themselves. Win, Win! As for me - the founder, I experienced an incredible sense of pride knowing that these are the women who represent the GBC brand and will take forward our message while transforming lives in their own communities.Thank you ladies. You are the best.
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  • Orange County September
    Orange County was out in force in September. And good news, they LOVED the book. Phew. Here's a group shot at the end of the night.
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  • The Allentown Meeting
    This is our very first book club meeting in Allentown and what a tremendous turn out. We are thrilled with our newest chapter – and our wonderful host – Cristina.
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  • New York’s August Meeting
    New York always had an incredible turn out – even in the summer. This is August’s book club meeting and our new venue was uber cool.
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  • Boston Monthly Meeting
    The Boston Girly Book Club is a very active club and sees over 40 ladies in attendance each month. In May the GBC read Station 11 by Emily St. John Mandel and the book was a huge success – loved by many of those in attendance.
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  • Seattle Monthly Meeting
    Seattle is a new kid on the block and just got up and running Fall 2016. But their very first meeting in October was a huge success with 20 ladies in attendance. We look forward to having a great turn out each month in Seattle.
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  • Hong Kong Monthly Meeting
    Yesterday we had our Aprils meeting and discussed Broken Angels. Great meeting with 8 lovely ladies with congratulations to Stephanie on winning the Raffle! Looking forward to next months meeting and “My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry”!
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  • Allen Eskens in Minneapolis
    June 2016 brought us The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens and very fortunately we were lucky enough to have the author join us half way through our meeting to give us the inside scoop and answer some pertinent questions about his great book.
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  • London Monthly Meeting
    Yesterday we had our Aprils meeting and discussed Broken Angels. Great meeting with 8 lovely ladies with congratulations to Stephanie on winning the Raffle! Looking forward to next months meeting and “My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry”!
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  • Singapore Monthly Meeting
    In June the Singapore Girly Book Club got together to chat about The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. Its was a riveting read – and brought up a lot of different themes and discussion. The meeting ran late into the night as the girls enjoyed a glass (or three) of their favorite wine coupled with girly chat.
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