Regrets Only by Erin Duffy (Review by Brittany Ahr)

2 min read

Rating: 3.9/5*

Regrets Only is a modern story about a formal Social Media professional-turned housewife who had her “happily ever after” turned upside down and dumped out on the pavement. It’s full of relatable characters and situations, and it’s definitely a book you can devour in one setting. I would definitely suggest taking your beach chair, staking out a spot in the sand, and enjoy the sunshine while reading about Claire’s journey navigating her former prince charming, dating as a single mom, mean mommies and meaner mother-in-laws in this Connecticut town.

The story is from the main protagonist Claire’s point of view, and all of the different ways she deals with having to the obstacles her husband/ex-husband keeps creating for her. There are times in the story where it may seem like Claire overreacts. However, she’s jilted and feels trapped– you can see that she with her every action she’s quick to respond but than feels the guilt of it later. Honestly, if my husband moved me halfway across the country, cheated on me, and then wouldn’t let me move back to my family because he wants to remain close to his baby, I would be extremely frustrated and bombastic about the decisions he’s made as well.

The two best things about this book are 1. The realness of the characters: it doesn’t shy away from people’s emotions. The chapters are bathed in so many different feelings and you really get to see the story play out because of it; and 2. The supporting characters and female camaraderie. You get to see the story of people who would do anything for their friends, which to me is what makes the book so special. I think this pair well with some classic Carrie Underwood, a bottle of rosé, and discussing the various dramas of the book with a few of your closest friends. I have no regrets reading this book at all.

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