The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Oh me oh my. If you read the synopsis on the back cover, you may, as I did, think this really isn’t my cup of tea. I picked up the book several times, placing it back each time on the massive stack of good intentions I have on my night table. Eventually, I pealed back the front cover to unearth the actual pages of the story, and it may have taken 4, maybe even 3 pages until I completely enthralled in Evelyn’s story. I’m not a Kardashian follower, I don’t know what Angelina’s children look like and I sure as hell don’t care what celebs diets are all the rage at the moment. Yet Evelyn’s story is exactly that, a story about a celebrity at the top of her game with a secret that could end her career. I think what I loved most about the story is that it was set in the 50’s and onwards, so no social media, although the newspaper very much play a role in this story. I spoke to Taylor Jenkins Reid the other day about our current GBC title One True Loves and I couldn’t help asking about this book. She said it was a bit of a departure from what she’s written in the past but that it was also very well received. At the heart of all Reid’s stories is a very deep and true love story. This is no exception. Enjoy!

Written by Erin Woodward



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  1. Nicoll says:

    Everyone I have recommended this book to has loved it. I am also not a celebrity gossip type person but this story captured me from beginning to end. A quick and easy but so fantastic!

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