Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor (Review by Samantha Hartlen)

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Rating: 4.5/5

The Shark Club was quite surprising! At first you think it is a predictable romantic comedy, but it offers much more. I really enjoyed this book and felt myself wrapped up in the characters, intrigued by the mystery, and caring deeply about sharks and our treatment of these majestic creatures.

The story starts with Maeve Donnelly at 12-years-old when two extraordinary things happen: she is kissed by the love of her life for the first time, and she is bitten by a shark. The story quickly jumps to her at 30-years-old as a successful marine biologist returning home to Floridia to repair her relationships and find out who has been in charge of a large shark finning operation. The novel reveals her complicated relationship with people, and also with sharks.

I gave the book 4.5/5 for its love story; mystery; balance of light-hardheartedness and deep moments; and ability to make you think hard about how we treat sharks and all marine life. I would recommend it for a Girly Book Club Book – it could spark excellent discussion on environmental issues as well as the choices women face in career and family. I appreciate that while it involved romance, Maeve was also committed to her love of marine life and her family. I found myself wanting to discuss with others her depth and complexity. I am already looking forward to my next Ann Kidd Taylor book.

Review by: Samantha Hartlen

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