She Gets That From Me by Robin Wells (Review by Amanda Gavigan)

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She Gets That From Me by Robin Wells is a touching, sweet story about loss, infertility, love in unexpected places, and offers glimpses to the nature vs nurture debate.

Brooke had made the decision to have a child as a single mom through the sperm donor process, with the support of her best friend Quinn, and her less than understanding but still supportive pseudo mom Miss Margaret. When she unexpectedly passes, Lily’s guardianship comes into question and begins to reveal Miss Margaret’s thoughts on single parenting.

As Miss Margaret starts to investigate the sperm donor Brooke used, the story of Zack and his wife Jessica begins to unfurl. Zack and Jessica have been married for 3 years and on the surface appear quite happy, but underneath we begin to see the cracks as Jessica has been struggling with infertility. Torn up by her inability to get pregnant, Jessica goes behind Zach’s back and starts to dig into Zack’s sperm donations and whether or not he has existing children. As the truth of what Jessica has done comes out, Jessica and Zack’s marriage begins to suffer. Shortly the separate worlds of Jessica, Zach, Quinn, Margaret, and Lily begin to collide.

As Robin Wells begins to tell the story from then on, the reader is hooked waiting for the answers to their many questions. Will Zach and Lily meet? Will Quinn forgive Miss Margaret for going against Brooke’s wishes and reaching out to Zach? Will Jessica and Zach’s marriage last? And ultimately who will have custody of this sweet girl?

While there are sweet love stories of all varieties within, Robin Wells continues with the theme of infertility throughout the book. While the sensitive subject matter could possibly be a trigger for some readers, Robin does an excellent job of making it relatable while also showcasing the psychological aspects.

A sweet story for sure.

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