Sisters of the Resistance By Christine Wells (Review by Kala Saxon)

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Rating: 4 Stars

Told from the perspective of two sisters, Yvette and Gabby, this story takes place in Paris during World War 2. At first introduction, the sisters seem to be complete opposites. You have Yvette who is just trying to maintain the building that she and her mother and sister reside in and you have Gabby who upon first introduction, is a force to be reckoned with as she plays courier for Lelong.

Both sisters are dealing with the occupation of Germany in Paris in their own ways, not knowing that the other is doing some small part in helping the resistance. Each sister has been pulled in, the resistance using each of the sisters skills to get messages around or to harbor people escaping the resistance.

Throughout the story you are privy to each of their thought processes and feelings about what they are involved in. Each wanting to protect her sister and their mother from the truth of what is going on in their lives. They both know that what they are involved in is dangerous for the whole family but are each willing to take the risk.

What I enjoyed about this story is that it shows how strong women are even in the face of danger when it comes to doing what is right. While taking on the risks, Yvette and Gabby both know that in the long run it will help not only their family, but their country. They aren’t sitting around just waiting for someone to save them.

One thing I enjoy about reading a good World War 2 is one that focuses on women who don’t just sit around. I like the stories where the women are actively trying to help. The women who take risks because sitting around waiting is not enough for them.

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