Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik (Review by Ali Cicerchi)

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Rating: 5/5

Following the Smirnova family from Kiev, “Sisters of War” depicts the horror one lives through from 1941-1945. Living out the German occupation and waiting to be liberated. Sisters Natasha and Lisa tell each other their secrets, tease their brothers and fight/make up like typical teenagers.

In Lana Kortcik’s novel, loyalties are tested and their relationship struggles when the opposite sex drive wedges one after another between them. Which love is most important to see through – familial or romance?

Lisa’s fiancé is taken by the invading army. Quiet Natasha falls in love with a Hungarian solider, enlisted against his principles with the Nazis. These are trying times to be a teenager. Their entire family trying to stay safe yet respect everyone’s boundaries under one roof.

I greatly enjoyed this story. It was quietly suspenseful, sad but not overwhelmingly so. An amazing portrayal of life away from the typical horror thought of with historical fiction depicting WWII. This family suffered in many quiet ways trying to wait out the war and just make it through. As a family, they remained hopeful and cautiously optimistic. A beautiful reminder during a stressful time in our current lives.

I recommend this book to all historical fiction lovers. You will not be disappointed. Anyone looking to dip their toe in the historical fiction pool would enjoy it, as well.

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