So We Meet Again By Suzanne Park (Review by Stacie Kitchen)

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Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐

For real, do not read this book while you are hungry! I am so happy that Suzanne Park included the recipe for the Umma-Approved Kimchi Fried Rice at the end of this book, because I am totally making it for dinner tonight. So We Meet Again focuses on the Korean-American experience, and Korean food and culture play a large role in the book.

Jessie Kim is an investment banker, who, despite her spectacular work ethic, gets the boot from Hamilton Cooper over a zoom call. Adding some additional insult, Wanker Wyatt (not officially his name, I just love the nickname because it totally fits) gets to keep his job, while also getting promoted because he is a member of the “guys” club. Forced to move back home to Nashville and in with her parents, Jessie is left struggling to figure out her next career move.

After running into her middle school nemesis, Daniel Choi, Jessie is only further pushed to come up with a plan for her future. Jessie’s parents have always compared her achievements to Daniel and when they catch up, she learns Daniel is still as overachieving as ever with his fancy law career and shiny Mercedes. Not to mention, he is even cuter than before, and just as endearing!

With Daniel’s aid, Jessie creates a business transforming pre-packaged meals (think Hello Fresh) into banging Korean food with small hacks. Her YouTube channel, Hanguk Hacks, goes viral as Jessie and her mom bring Korean food to the masses. She is presented with some major career advancements, but will Daniel stand in her way?

This was a very cute Rom-Com book! I felt So We Meet Again actually focused more on the personal growth of Jessie and her relationship with her mom rather than the romance segment, but I appreciated the book more for that reason. Jessie was able to grow on her own, and her romance was for fun, not essential to her personal growth. The book was hilarious, and I definitely want a sequel. Also, I really want her business to be real, because now I’m craving some Korean food hacks!

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