Stories from the front line: Oklahoma GBC

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I received such a touching email from my Oklahoma Chapter Host, Veronica James, I had to share it in its entirety! Thank you, ladies, for such wonderful feedback!

“Hi Erin,

We had a lovely time at our annual holiday party last night. One of my favorite comments from the evening was from a member, who shared how much the book club means to her and what a life changer it has been. I have seen a friendship develop with her and another member. They have created a group for moms to do fun things with their children and they also reach out to our new moms in the area. As they mentioned, children go to school and make instant friends, but it is a lot harder for grown-ups to make new friends in a new city. Since we have an air force base close by we see a lot of newcomers to the metro area. This group of ladies is really remarkable! I, too, did not know what a life changer this group would be for me, but I’m glad to see the power of getting a group of women with all kinds of backgrounds, who simply want to share the love of reading and end up with true friendships.
I wish you a happy holiday season,

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