Surviving Valencia By Holly Tierney-Bedford (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to be wrapped into the mystery and thrill but I found it to be rather flat. There were certain elements that I really enjoyed such as the alternating timelines of childhood and present day by our narrator, but I just found it very hard to like or root for any of the characters in this story which, to me, is a huge factor in enjoying a book.

Our narrator is the younger sister of twins Van and Valencia. This is a perfect way to describe her as, I am almost 100% certain, we never actually learn her name. She is married to her dream man, Adrian, and life is finally working out for her after years of being in her shadow of her larger than life siblings. But her life takes a turn when her past catches up to her.

Imagine living your entire life in the shadows to the point where you are so inconsequential that you are not even given a name in your own story? The parts of this story when our narrator flashes back to her childhood your heart breaks a little. I do wish the narrator had expanded on the ending a bit more and given more follow through on the plot as I feel this would have changed my thoughts on the story. Overall while this book was not for me, if you enjoy a mystery that’s somewhat psychological in nature then you may like this book.

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