Sweet Home Summer by Michelle Vernal (Review by Simone Gigg)

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Living away from home and pursuing a career can take its toll and if it does you need to find a way to recuperate or change paths.

Sweet Home Summer is a story about exactly that. It follows a girl called Isla on finding her path after becoming burnt out and in a bad relationship in London. Her journey takes her back home to a small town in New Zealand and all she left behind. As her grandmother Bridget is getting on she decides to live with her to keep an eye on her. In doing so you learn about Bridget’s life and how things could have been very different if she had kept in touch with her true love.

This is a delightful story about both women, lost loves and knowing when it is time to come home.

It is an easy read, I would say a beach read as it is quick and one you can’t put down. It has a little something for everyone as you learn about family, friends and first loves.

There is lots to discuss to as to what we would all do in a similar situation so it could be a good book club discussion. Some questions that come to mind from this book are what would you do if you were still in love with your first love? Is home where the heart is? If you learnt a terrible secret had been kept from you most of your life what would you do?

If these questions intrigue you then pick up a copy today!

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