The Audacity of Sara Grayson by Joani Elliott (Review by Stacey Lorenson)

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Fans of Meg Cabot’s Heather Wells Mystery series will enjoy the funny and poignant novel, The Audacity of Sara Grayson, by Joani Elliot, filled with self-deprecating wit and humor, mystery, self-discovery, and romance. The main character, Sara Grayson is still recovering from a divorce from her narcissistic husband when she finds herself unexpectedly grappling with grief over the sudden death of her mother, Cassandra Bond a celebrated author. Cassandra secretly willed her last book in a successful series to be written by her daughter Sara. Sara, who is prone to anxiety induced attacks, reluctantly takes on this task while simultaneous looking for a way out of this overwhelming task. The sudden turn of events coaxes Sara out of her cocoon and thrusts her into a journey of self-discovery where she finds herself collaborating with her nemesis, stumbles upon a new love interest, and attempts to solve a few mysteries along the way. Fortunately, she has a steadfast companion, Gatsby (her dog), her devoted sister Anna-Kath and a cadre of quick-witted, supportive friends all lending her emotional support with grace and understanding that she does not allow herself.

Author, Joani Elliott skillfully concocts a very relatable self-discovery journey that takes the reader through a rollercoaster ride of tribulations and triumphs as Sara discovers who she is beyond the shadows of her parents and an inaccurate perception of herself.

I found myself cheering Sara on as she carefully unlocked her untapped artistic potential and I laughed at her self-deprecating humor while hoping, she would finally find the love she deserved. The Audacity of Sara Grayson is a thoroughly entertaining, quick read with a lot to offer readers. I especially enjoyed the quotes from famous authors at the start of each chapter. Elliott provides an inside look into the writing process from beginning to end which I found fascinating and reassuring. Books are like relationships … great things involve an intricate process that does not happen overnight.

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