The Bookseller’s Secret by Michelle Gable (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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I have been on a roll with my books about books, and they are still my favorite to read! Besides reading I love traveling and visiting new bookstores, so reading about books fulfills my two favorite things!

The Bookseller’s Secret was extra special for me because I have gotten to meet the author Michelle Gable on a few occasions, and I love her books! In this book, Michelle writes about Nancy Mitford who was an author and WWII spy. I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t heard of Nancy Mitford before so thank you Michelle for writing a story about her!

What I enjoyed most about this book is that Michelle used both timelines to introduce us to Nancy. We got to read about Nancy in her time, and then through the eyes of a struggling author and fan in the present. The transitions between the characters were seamless and very enjoyable to read.

Katie is too young to feel like her life has been a waste. She’s having writers block and her and her boyfriend have broken up…again. When her best friend JoJo calls from London and gives her a verbal kick in the pants she agrees a break is exactly what she needs. Maybe London can inspire her to write again, after all that’s where her favorite author Nancy Mitford lived and wrote all of her bestselling books. When she arrives in London, JoJo suggests she get out of the house and go visit the bookstore Nancy used to work at.

Right outside G.Heywood Hill LTD is a plaque dedicated to Nancy Mitford and the years she worked at the bookstore. Inside she finds beautiful messy stacks of books everywhere, so chaotic yet cozy at the same time. She stumbles into Felix who is the curator at the shop and a little annoyed another Nancy Mitford fan has come to ask questions and not to purchase books! Once Felix learns she is visiting JoJo he agrees to show her around the shop and help her find her next book. Felix tells Katie he has a customer as equally as obsessed about Nancy Mitford and believes there is a hidden memoir somewhere in the shop. This man owns the bookstore and is the executor to Nancy’s literary estate.

Katie thought she knew everything about Nancy and even her sisters, but this frustrating yet handsome man says he knows more. Nancy Mitford had a lot to hide and he believes it’s all in this missing memoir. Katie agrees to team up with him to see what they can dig up and selfishly she would love to find this missing book. Katie is surprised to learn this man and his mother have a connection to Nancy and after many warnings she’s not sure she can trust him.

Maybe his intentions for finding the missing book aren’t good, but he seems like such a genuine man how can she think he’s up to no good? Why is everyone keeping secrets and what was Nancy Mitford involved in that everyone is trying to hide…..?

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