The Bucket List by Georgia Clark (Review by Bruna Morais )

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Lacey is a 25-year-old woman living a normal life in New York when she gets a call from her doctor to inform her that she has been diagnosed with the BCRA1 gene mutation – the “breast cancer” gene; the same terrible cancer that was responsible for her mother’s untimely death years ago.

She has two options: regular exams to monitor the gene mutation development or preventive mastectomy. While telling her situation to her two best friends, Lacey decides she’s not ready to make her decision yet. Her beloved breasts haven’t had enough adventures out there so her friends Vivian and Stephanie help her with a list of everything she wants to do before a possible surgery. All kinds of sexy and exotic situations she’s never been in, such as a ménage a trois, having sex in a public place, etc.

Lacey keeps working on getting her dream position in her company, developing a new clothes app with her friend Vivian, and crossing things off of her boob bucket list. She meets Elan BehzadiIn at one of her company’s parties; he is an exotic rich man in the fashion business. She tells him about her bucket list and experiments in all kinds of different things with him.

Meanwhile, Lacey has to consider her options about her future. There’s pressure on her since her mom died so young from the same type of cancer and she struggles with friendship issues, heartbreaks, and disappointments.

It’s sexy and there are some really hot scenes; very 50 Shades of Grey style. But at the same time it’s an honest and heartwarming book. As a woman reading the book, I couldn’t help but wonder what would I do in the same situation. I’m sure many other women readers feel the same way.

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