The Christmas Boutique by Jennifer Chiaverini (Review by Missi Gwartney)

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Do you have a favorite hobby? Did your hobby ever turn into something more than just a way to spend time doing something you enjoy? In Chiaverini’s newest release, The Christmas Boutique, quilting has become just that for a group of women that may have never connected otherwise. And when an accident at the local church leaves no place to hold the annual Christmas Boutique, these women must depend on each other and find a solution before it’s too late. Needing to put past differences aside, the Elm Creek Quilters and the Waterford Quilting Guild are determined to come together and make this the best Christmas Boutique ever. However, with such an eclectic group of women from many different backgrounds, will they all be able to overcome not only the short time frame but also themselves (and each other) to make the event successful?

The Christmas Boutique is more of a collection of short stories that intertwine and connect with each other beautifully. Each chapter will recount a different woman’s journey from past to present and takes the reader through their discovery of quilting while revealing the importance and impact it’s made in their life. Whether it be Sylvia’s determination to save her childhood home, Gretchen’s need for escape and solace, Mary Beth’s need to feel important, or Diane’s need to “keep up”, each woman has their own unique “why” for quilting. This book combines the intricate details of quilting with the intricate details of the characters’ lives that allows the reader to become one of them. You may even find that it will inspire you to dig out a needle and thread and test your own skills…

While this book is part of the Elm Creek Quilters series, it absolutely can be read as a standalone. I had no problems engaging in the story even with having not read any of the other books. This was a heartwarming, light story that not only brings a sometimes forgotten art back into focus but also goes a little deeper into the lives of our main characters. I loved being transported to the Christmas season and remembering my own traditions while learning about the characters traditions as well. I’d recommend this book to curl up with on the couch during the holiday season as it would be a great snowed-in, feel-good weekend read.

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