The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan (Review by Bruna Morais)

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This book is a perfect read for this time of the year! Most of the story takes place in Scotland and the author, Sarah Morgan, describes the atmosphere so well that you feel like you’re there.

The three McBride sisters have nothing in common except that all three of them are going through big changes in their lives.

Suzanne adopted the three sisters when they were still children. Their parents were climbing in the Scotland hills and a terrible avalanche killed them.

Posy is the only sister still living in Scotland and she’s more adventurous than the rest. She works as a rescue team trainer and also as a climbing guide. Her dream is to explore the world, especially the most famous walls to climb in America. She meets Luke, an American climber and writer, and her feelings for adventure, and for him, start to get stronger.

Hannah is a workaholic living in New York and it’s no surprise to her sisters that she’s not into the family holidays. But she does have a surprise this year, and it’ll turn her life upside down.

Beth also lives in New York, with two beautiful daughters and a hard-working husband that loves his family. She wants to have a career of her own but her husband just wants her to stay home and have a third child.

The book is funny and well-written. I felt a connection with every character, especially Beth who describes a more modern type of woman: a mother struggling to be a good mom but still feeling that it’s not enough, missing the days she was recognized at work.

The book is heartwarming and the fact that you feel like you’re in the snowy mountains of Scotland is just amazing.

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