The Cookbook Club by Beth Harbison (Review by Lisa Albright)

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5 Stars

This was my first Beth Harbison book and the first thing I noticed was her writing style. It is so fluid with just the right amount of description so that you can picture everything and get lost in the story. I was expecting to enjoy it, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did.

The story was really good, but the way it was written is what I found captivating. Interestingly, I do have a few of her other books that I picked up at library book sales because I loved the cover or the title, and I had every intention of reading them, but life happened and I haven’t yet. That is about to change because I had no idea her writing was this good and I need more!

The three women in this book become friends through a cookbook club and I loved that the basis of their friendship started out with food. I’m not a foodie and I don’t enjoy cooking, but it is impossible to read this book and not take an interest in the food. The descriptions, the recipes, and the fellowship it brings all emphasize how important food is beyond just bodily nourishment. My family owned a café and a gourmet foods store that I managed for a few years and this reminded me how food really does bring people together. I was surprised at how comforting that thought was.
The characters in the story are all so likeable and relatable. I love how well-rounded they are and that they experience such personal growth out of the challenges they find themselves facing. I enjoyed seeing their friendship develop and how they started supporting each other through the difficult times, but also that their changes didn’t depend on their newfound friendship. They each found their own way.

It was interesting to see the way life can bring people in and out of our lives and how fascinating timing can be. The author did a fantastic job of including life’s twists and turns and exploring what was and what could be. I loved that some men were reappearing and for others it was time to move on. I also felt her portrayal of family and how it’s not always the way we think it should be but is often becomes what we need it to be was spot on. The relationships were beautiful.

The author did us an incredible favor by including recipes at the end of the book. How sweet is that? I really appreciated that little bonus and it was a delightful surprise. The whole book was a delightful surprise and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to read and review it. 5 stars for sure!!

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