The DNA of You and Me By Andrea Rothman (Review by Kala Saxon)

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Emily reminded me so much of Eleanor from Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. She is very matter of fact on everything and she has limited social skills. These characteristics made her quirky and likeable for me. Emily is devoted to her research project. When she starts interacting with Aeden, everything that she believes, and feels is challenged. She begins to see that there can be another part of life outside of work. Even though she knows this, it is still difficult for her.

When I first started reading this story, I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with all the scientific terminology. The more I read however, the more I realized that it was a very crucial part of the story, especially when it comes to the development of Emily and I can only hope that other readers of this novel feel the same. Andrea was able to combine science and love in such a way that you almost forget that the scientific terminology is in almost every sentence that you read. You get the feels of a love story while also possibly learning something about DNA.

This story begs the question of what you would be willing to risk or sacrifice for love or your career. Both Aeden and Emily must answer these questions as the story develops. They also must understand the consequences of the decisions that they make. The story I felt also explores the dynamics of relationships in the workplace. How men can overstep their boundaries when it comes to female coworkers or subordinates.

I recommend this story to those who enjoy a good love story that isn’t all in your face and has other components to it. This is going to be a very good contemporary read for 2019.

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