The Girl Who Reads on The Metro By Christine Feret-Fleury (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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Rating: 4 star

If you asked me what my favorite types of books to read are I’d tell you its books about books. They give me a sort of nostalgia and warm and fuzzy feeling when I read them. So when I heard about The Girl Who Reads on the Metro I was jumping up and down saying Me,Me,Me!! When the book arrived I was excited to jump in and get started. Very sweet story about a young girl who watches what books people are reading around her, and imagines this gives her in site about them.

Juliette takes the Metro to work every morning and passes the time by reading. Packed like sardines, sometimes Juliette likes to look at what others are reading and make a story in her head about who these people are based on the book they’re reading. One day on a whim Juliette decides to get off the train a few stops early and go for a walk. She stumbles upon the most unusual and whimsical little book shop, and a sweet little girl who greets her at the door. Zaide takes her to meet her father Soliman and the two hit it off immediately when talking about their passion for books. Soliman employee’s passeurs who are given the task of matching the right book with the right person. After speaking to Juliette Soliman believes Juliette would be a perfect passeur, and he also has another very important job for her.

Finally the mundane life Juliette was living has changed, she feels a sense of purpose and being needed she’s never felt before. Is she up for the task Soliman has asked of her? You’ll have to read to find out!

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