The How-To Guide for Yearly Members

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Thank you for joining us! We are so pleased you’ve bought a Yearly Membership with the GBC. As you may know, it’s a new product for us and we are only just finding our feet. We want to ensure that you know how to use it to its full potential.

• You still need to RSVP! Our hosts work really hard to coordinate with their venue and let them know how many people are attending our meetings – so we still need you to RSVP. We’ve outlined the steps to correctly RSVP below.

• You can attend ANYWHERE we have a chapter! Don’t forget your membership gives you access to the entire GBC world – so feel free to check out our other chapters when traveling for business or pleasure. Let us know you’re attending and we’ll even let the host know to look out for you (maybe even grab a sneaky photo!)

• Don’t forget to sign up for our Virtual GBC Meetings where you can chat with the author and ask them LIVE questions – here is this month’s link

Check out this month’s discussion questions in advance here

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