The Lace Weaver by Lauren Chater (Review by Emily Wright)

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Kati and Lydia are two very different women from two very different background, bought together by war, love and knitting. Kati’s grandmother taught her to knit delicate lace shawls and ever since knitting has been her sanctuary. When Kati’s parents are killed by the invading Russians and her brother and neighbors join the resistance Kati’s life changes dramatically but her knitting has always remained. Spurred on by a promise to her grandmother, Kati strives to keep her lace shawls and knitting circle going amongst the harsh realities of war.

Lydia is a privileged daughter of a Russian Partorg safely watched over by her companion Olga. Her life seems perfect and safe to everyone but her. As World War two takes hold and her father is sent to Estonia Lydia longs to escape the overbearing protection of her fierce uncle. She flees to Estonia to follow the history of her mother however a discovery long-held secret changes the course of Lydia’s life forever. She now knows she cannot safely return to Russia and living in occupied Estonia as a Russian is proving challenging!

The Lace Weavers is a interesting and in-depth portrayal of a little known side of World War Two. The characters are engaging and captivating, drawing you into the difficulties of life on the run. The book is written from two different points of view and jumps through time quickly to begin with which can make it hard to follow. Once the story is underway and the characters are familiar the storyline has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. A great historical fiction read.

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