The Lido by Libby Page (Review by Tamara Ward)

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Rating: 4/5*

We hear about May/December romances all the time, but why don’t we notice and celebrate more May/December friendships?

Although we can all accept that opposites attract, how many of us actually reflect on why? That’s the question I asked myself after reading this incredible novel by Libby Page. Rosemary is an 86 year old widow and Kate is a 26 year old single woman. Two women who couldn’t be more different embark on a friendship that show just how similar they really are.
As I read the Lido, it struck me that the three main themes running through this novel help to illuminate why these seemingly opposite women bonded so authentically. I’ve heard friendship defined as ‘a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association’. How did Rosemary and Kate get there?

1) The Loneliness – I’m sure you can recall the AHA moment you had when you realized the woman you were talking to wasn’t just going to be an acquaintance. More than likely, you bonded over a feeling you had in common. Even though it may not have seemed obvious to Rosemary and Kate at the time, their loneliness in their singleness is what bonded them both. That bond is what would take them through the rest of the journey we get to be a witness to.

2) The Pool – Two people cannot form a friendship in different places. Even if that bridge is in the form of a letter (i.e. pen pals,), there must a common denominator that brings them both together and keeps them there. Rosemary is a frequent swimmer in the pool. Kate is writing about the pool. While their circumstances might be different, this pool is what ultimately brings them together, and draws us into their story at the same

3) The Cause/the Fight – Challenges come in relationships, and the true test of friendship comes with the ability of two people to withstand those challenges and come out on the other side closer. Saving the Lido community pool may have come across as the main cause and fight at times but I saw so much deeper. The give and take that it takes for individuals to join forces and fight together is what will make you keep cheering for Rosemary and Kate long after you finish this incredible book.

I enjoyed this book for multiple reasons, and am confident anyone reading it will enjoy it as well.

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