The Magic of Viral Energy by Penelope Jean Hayes (Review by Jessica Hall)

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Rating: 4.2/5

With the clever acronym MOVE, The Magic of Viral Energy is a guided journey to one’s own meaning and purpose. Penelope Jean Hayes has created this piece of work with the intention of informing and empowering her readers. Not only will you learn what viral energy is, you will learn more about yourself by becoming aware of how interactions with others and the environment affect you, and therefore your energy. Stop and think about how you feel right now. What is making you feel this way? Through this book you will learn there are many different factors at play that make you feel the way you do, like relationships and stress to name a few. The concept of shared energy makes a lot of sense when you think about it. But have you thought about it? As Hayes states, “Energy affects you and you affect energy.” You will learn key ways to harness the power of viral energy. If you are unsure how this may look in real life, Hayes shares openly and honestly her past, her struggles, and how her experiences have ultimately led to her fulfilling her life’s purpose. She eloquently describes this concept in an easy and relatable way. Now with her help and the power of viral energy, a person can strive to live a more happy and joy-filled life.

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