The Mourning Parade by Dawn Reno Langley (A Review by Jennifer Ramsey)

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Rating: 5/5*

How can I properly start my review to express my love for this novel? I was completely engrossed in the beautifully written story of these characters, both human and animal. The story follows the main character Natalie, a veterinarian from Wilmington, as she takes on a year-long internship to work with elephants in Thailand. Natalie has suffered the worst loss possible, the death of her two young boys, and is taking this opportunity to escape, get away from the media, and the constant reminders of her life without her boys.

Life in Thailand proves to have its challenges, besides the obvious language barriers with the village people, she’s coming is as a veterinarian with no previous elephant experience, and a very arrogant coworker who will make her job difficult at best. When reading the story, chapter after chapter is so vivid with details, you can easily imagine yourself in Thailand.

Natalie takes on the care of an elephant named Sophie, and comes to her rescue and saves her from being put down. She puts in the time, commitment, and gives her whole heart to training Sophie to overcome her PTSD, that she’s suffered at the hands of humans. The story unfolds to a beautiful relationship of trust, love, and friendship.

I found myself becoming so emotionally drawn into the story, and silently rooting for Sophie and Natalie to be successful. Dawn has written a beautiful story, and I was honored to have the opportunity to read her novel. 5/5 wonderful heartfelt stars!

Review by Jennifer Ramsey

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