The Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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As soon as I realized that this story involves mermaids I was very excited. I absolutely love stories that take place in the ocean and growing up The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie! But enough about me…The Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi was a very unique read and I honestly cannot remember the last time I read a book similar to this in both plot and characters.

Coralline and Izar are the two main characters of this story, one a mermaid and one a human. Coralline has lived her whole life under the sea where she is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in town and completing her apprenticeship as an apothecary. Izar works for Ocean Dominion and has a deep-rooted hatred of mermaids and the inhabitants of the ocean. The coming together of these two characters, as well as all the very interesting secondary characters, makes this a very entertaining read.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who enjoy stories with action, romance, and the ocean as it’s setting. In my opinion, I wish that the author had included a little less of the technical aspects when describing certain scientific components of the novel and instead would have expanded on the various relationships (I can’t say more without spoiling) throughout. That being said, I still really enjoyed this novel and found myself “a part of their world”.

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