The Paris Seamstress  by Natasha Lester (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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Rating: 5*

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The Paris Seamstress is the first book of Natasha Lester’s that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and it definitely won’t be the last.  This book was beautifully written and the characters have such rich history!  The book is about two really strong women, two different generation’s, and the secrets that can bring them together or tear them apart. Natasha’s style of writing flows easily, and the storyline and love story had me hooked early on. I was worried about all the names and time periods it would get a little confusing, but the chapters are separated by time periods and were so well written I never found myself confused. I wish I could tell you everything that happens in this book, all the wonderful twists and discoveries, but I don’t want to give anything away.  I’ve written a little teaser to give you an idea what it’s about.  Read the book yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  I will be adding her other books to my stack soon.

A beautiful story spanning two generations of women trying to make their mark in the fashion industry.  1940- Estella Bissette lives in Paris with her mother and earns a meager salary as a seamstress.  As the German’s advance on Paris,  Estella’s mother pleads with her to flee to America and must reveal the first of many secrets, that Estella is actually a US citizen.  With just a suitcase and a sewing machine, Estella boards the SS Washington headed to Manhatten ready to begin her new life.  On the boat, she meets Sam who is also in the industry and has many connections that can help Estelle.  Quickly the two become close friends.  Estella struggles to find her place in New York and is burdened by this secret that her mother has kept from her.  One night at a bar Estella run’s into a man she has previously met in Paris,  a handsome spy named Alex.  Estella is immediately taken by him, and when she’s introduced to Alex’s date she realizes looking at her is like looking in the mirror.  Who is the lady and what other secrets will she learn about her family and their past?  She must do everything she can to figure out who she really is…..

2015-  Fabienne lives in Australia and comes to New York to attend the annual Met Gala for an exhibit honoring her grandmother, fashion designer  Estella Bissette.  Ever since Fabienne could remember she was sketching and designing dresses, and Estella is hopeful that one day Fabienne will take over her company Stella Designs.  The two have an incredibly close relationship and after the death of her father Zander, Fabienne needs answers from her grandmother.  Why are the names on her Father’s birth certificate different than the ones she was told all these years?  Is her grandmother who she adores even her blood relative?  Why are there so many secrets?

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