The Perfect Fraud By Ellen LaCorte (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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Rating 3.75/5

I hesitate to include too much detail in this review as the back cover of The Perfect Fraud, in my opinion, is purposely vague. To give too much of a summary will ruin the twist and thrill that accompanies this novel. I will tell you, however, that I was pleasantly surprised by this book despite, I felt, the slower start.

The plot centers on Claire and Rena. Claire comes from a long line of psychics yet she doesn’t seem to have the ability and instead knows herself to be a “fraud”. Rena is a divorced mother of 4-year-old Stephanie who is doggedly trying to find out what is wrong with her daughters failing health. It seems time is ticking to find an answer regarding Stephanie and her increasingly failing health.

In all honesty this is not at all what I expected while reading this book, basing my assumption on the back cover summary. That being said, I actually enjoyed most of the story and did not expect it to be about the chosen topic (again sorry for the vagueness, I just really don’t want to ruin the plot ). Some aspects of this novel, especially the beginning chapters, seemed a bit slow to me for a thriller, but by the middle it really picked up and I flew through the end. This book is worth reading, I feel, for the mystery of the plot and the way the author weaves the main theme in seamlessly. Enjoy!

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