The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton (Review by Katherine Scanlon)

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Juliette is a psychopath and I absolutely love her. I was pleasantly surprised by The Perfect Girlfriend and was left wanting more in the best way possible. The book is an exciting read and touches on loss, love and a fixation on a life thought to be deserved.

The author has created an obsession within the character of Juliette and I found myself unable to put this book down. It was almost too fitting that I took this book with me to read on a flight and it might just be the perfect vacation read.

It seems impossible that Juliette was able to hold a job while focusing so much of her energy on her perfect life. I loved reading about the world of a flight attendant and it gave me a peek into a life so different from my own. Her dedication to her plans is unmatched but at times it did seem unbelievable that she really could do it all.

I found Juliette’s character to be quite sad. She appears to be an intelligent and capable woman who is simply stuck in a time of her life that is only an illusion of a happy one. I think her state of mind can be quite relatable to someone who has ever been disappointed either by a lover or by a loss of something they felt they deserved. Her tragic life experiences don’t make up for her behaviour, but they do lead me to feel sorry for her and connect with her character.

Juliette’s character is one that you can both love and hate. She is unsettling but gives you just enough humanity to make you feel like she is simply misunderstood. I give The Perfect Girlfriend4.5/5 for its ability to draw you in and be captivated by not knowing what Juliette will do next.


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