The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles by Laura Fahrenthold (Review by Lisa Gingera)

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When I first started reading The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles by Laura Fahrenthold, I thought it was completely unbelievable. The things she did during the early years of being a widow seemed so outrageous and ridiculous that I believed she was just making these stories up. Then my boyfriend’s dad died unexpectedly. Suddenly, he was acting in a very similar way as Fahrenthold described in her book (minus going on a road trip). Only then did I realize that I have forgotten what it was like to really experience grief. So I turned back to page one, and read the book with a fresh new perspective.

Fahrenthold recount of what her’s and her family’s life was like in the years following their lost was raw, emotional, brutally honest and captivating. Throughout her story, you laugh, cry and laugh some more with Fahrenthold, as she goes through life in a way she never planned nor wanted. You get to develop a relationship with her, as she seemed to wrote it not as a book, but rather as a conversation. If you have lost someone recently, or if someone close to you has experienced a death of a loved one, then this is the book for you. You will be reminded as to how hard it is to grieve, and realize that you aren’t the only one that has felt this way. Even if you have not lost someone, this book will remind you as to how precious life can be and how you have to make the most of every moment with your loved ones. So pick up this book, a box of tissues and be prepared to experience a much needed emotional roller coaster.

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