The Plus One by Sophia Money-Coutts (Review by Sarah Taverner )

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I think a lot of women in their twenties or thirties could relate to the main character Polly whose friends are all getting engaged, attracts awful men and has out grown her job. I also thought Sophia created some realistic and fun secondary characters all connected to Polly. These include her Mum (who is dealing with cancer and falling in love), Jasper (the aristocrat play boy she has a relationship with), Lala (her work shy friend at Posh magazine) and Lex (her best friend who is marrying a guy who goes to fetish parties.)

I enjoyed reading about Polly job at Posh and all the farfetched stories she had to write about aristocrats. I know the author worked at Tatler so I am sure some of her inspiration was from working there.

My only complaints about the book were I thought the ending was very sudden (I wanted to know what happened to Lala and Jasper), we only heard about the novel events from Polly’s point of view and that the character of Bill was underdeveloped.

I thought the paperback edition was unique and the front and back covers summed up the book perfectly!

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