The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Marley (Review by Stephanie Smith)

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Dallas and Drayton are high school seniors. Dallas is a no nonsense cheerleader with a dream of attending CalArts (in California) to major in dance. Drayton the star quarterback at Dallas’s high school comes from a long line of star football players. His father, grand farther, and great grandfather all attended Baylor (Texas) for football and Dray was destined to follow their footsteps.. Despite Dallas’s no relationship decree and their different future paths will they fall in love?

When i started reading this I was unsure about a Young Adult romance book involving high schoolers. Being 34, I didn’t know if it would be my “cup of tea” but I really enjoyed this book. It was a light read and didn’t require a lot of brain power. I also felt that the primary and even secondary characters had depth. Which as a reader I love being able to connect with the characters. Though I did feel really old when they referred to the movie “Clueless” as a classic.

I will caution that it does involve high schoolers having sex, drinking and adult language so if the is a uncomfortable for you I would not recommend this book. While I enjoyed the story I did find the book predictable. No nonsense teenage girl sights set on her dream college and no time for a relationship. Girl meets bad boy realizes he has his own struggles but girl falls in love with him. But despite the predictability i did enjoy the story and the ending. Despite being 400 pages i found this book to flow and be a fairly quick read. It was enjoyable, well written and would be a great read if you need a low key book. I enjoyed this book and wouldn’t hesitate to read another of this authors. I do have to rank this book a 3.9/5. I just would of loved a little less run of mill romance or a twist.

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