The Right Side of Reckless By Whitney D. Grandison (Review by Kala Saxon)

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Rating: 4 Stars

This YA novel focuses on the lives of Regan and Guillermo, two teens who come from different environments. Regan is the picture perfect daughter. Good grades, never in trouble, and dating the star of her school’s football team. Everything a parent could want. The problem is that she is not happy and she is not quite sure what to do to change that. Then there is Guillermo who is the complete opposite. He is currently on probation from an assault charge and is this not his first rodeo but it better be the last because he has used all his chances with the system and more importantly with his family. He has moved to a new town and will be going to a new school.

When Regan and Guillermo cross paths the adults try to do everything they can to keep them apart. Regan’s side telling her she has a boyfriend who she is happy with and that Guillermo is nothing but trouble. Guillermo’s side is warning him to keep away from Regan because he doesn’t need anymore trouble with girls. The two teens find solace and strength in each other and go against the grain. There are obstacles that they have to overcome in order to even begin their friendship.

I liked that Grandison has included subjects like peer pressure, adult pressure, and the obstacles of teen love, and self control.

Reading YA from an adult perspective is sometimes difficult because either it seems too childish or the teens seem more like full adults. This story is not like that. You have teens who are being teens. They are experiencing life as teens would be. School, parents, friends, sex, drugs, and peer pressure. Grandison has written a book that is relatable to teen readers and even adult readers.

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