The Seasonaires by Janna King (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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Reading The Seasonaires was like watching a reality show play out in writing. I could picture all the beautiful, tanned, skinny girls. The guys with chiseled abs, perfect haircuts, gorgeous eyes. You can picture it right? Everything you were when you were in your 20’s. Ever seen Siesta Key’s on MTV? This is my image of all the characters in this book. The book is about these young adults who apply to become brand ambassadors for a very popular clothing line, and get the opportunity to spend their summer living it up in Nantucket. Mia spends her days scraping by and taking care of her terminally ill mother.

When a customer comes into the thrift store she works at, and tells her she has a unique style and should apply to work for Lyndon Wyld, she knows this could be a great opportunity to get some money for her family. When Mia gets the news she has been chosen, she is shocked and feels selfish for wanting to leave, and worried her mom will struggle while she’s gone for the summer. Six people were chosen to stay in the Lyndon Wyld mansion, all from different walks of life. They will work together, take selfies together, shop together, and spend their summer living their best life for all to see. Basically their job is to wear the clothes, look beautiful at all times, and post on social media all day. #BeWyld Sounds like an amazing gig right? I mean I basically do that every day, but I don’t see anyone offering me $20K to do it! I never knew this was actually a thing until I Googled it.

A brand ambassador is ”someone who represents a company in a positive way, preferably in front of potential customers. They embody the brand he or she is endorsing” . I could be a book ambassador all day every day! Mia gets along with everyone, but has a soft spot for a girl named Ruby, who is not a part of the brand, a known druggie and outsider. Everyone keeps telling her she’s no good, but Mia has such a compassionate heart she goes against what others tell her, especially the snobby Presley. Presley gave Mia a hand me down, last year’s Lyndon Wyld dress that Mia tweaked and made her own, and it’s caught the attention of the boss. She is offered a contract to buy her design, a dress they will name “Mia”. This can be a real life changer for Mia and her family, she loves fashion and has an eye for dressing people, maybe this can be a career for her.

Mia has many choices to make this summer in Nantucket, and needs to decide if posting pictures of her life all day, being told what to do and who to be friends with is worth the sacrifice, or worth the money for her family.

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