The Spring Girls by Anna Todd (Review by Sarah Taverner)

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Rating: 4.7/5*

I was happy to read The Spring Girls as when I was younger was a massive fan of Louisa May Alcott’s books including The Little Women series. I really enjoyed the book and would rate it 4.7 stars.

I thought that the book worked really well as a retelling of Little Women set in the 21st Century. All the main characters and plots from the original novel were present, but with a modern twist. However, I think that the Spring sisters were strong enough to stand on their own and the novel didn’t necessarily need to be a Little Women rewrite.

I loved the authors writing style especially hearing about main events from different characters perspective. Anna also explores a lot of the issues that teenagers face today including the internet and sexting.

The Spring sisters are living in their government owned house on a New Orleans military base whilst their father is on tour in Iraq. Meg is torn between two men John (who can offer her the life she wants as an officer’s wife) and Shia (who wants to travel and change the world.) Jo cannot wait to swap New Orleans for New York, but life gets complicated when she falls for Laurie who comes to live next door. Beth suffers from anxiety and doesn’t want to leave home. Spoilt Amy is trying to figure out becoming a teenager and how her life fits in with her sisters.

I was disappointed about the ending of the novel as wanted to know what would happen next to Meg and Jo. I also felt the author could have provided more information on the Spring’s life in Texas as it is such a vital part of the story.

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