The Tiger Mom’s Tale By Lyn Liao Butler (Review by Kala Saxon)

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Rating: 3.5 stars

Family secrets and a woman caught between two cultures. Lexa has her whole world turned on its side after finding out her mom is leaving her stepfather and that her biological father has passed away unexpectedly.

Lexa spends time being torn between her shock, grief, and her love life. This is a story full of love, a family mystery, tragedy and some amazing food. Lexa must think about what it is that she wants to do when it comes to her father’s death and the responsibility that he has bestowed upon her from his will. Lexa and her father have been estranged for several years after a fateful summer that she spent with him and his family in Taiwan.

Family secrets carry pain that affects people directly and indirectly. This story showcases how far a parent is willing to go in order to protect what they think rightfully belongs to their child. Even if it means destroying relationships or hurting other people, including children. Lexa must navigate thru all of this and thankfully she does not have to do it alone. She has a great support system from her mother, stepfather, and both of her sisters (even if they don’t get along with each other.)

The reader has the privilege of watching Lexa navigate thru all of her troubles, minor and major. The story develops nicely, the writing flows, and it is not too heavy considering the roles that death and secrets play.

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