The Wish List by Sophie Money-Coutts (Review by Jasmin Webb)

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Rating: 3 ⭐

Florence Fairfax lives with her two sisters and her cat. At 32 she has never had a boyfriend but she doesn’t need one, right? She has Marmalade, her cat, the bookshop where she works and her sisters. But her stepmother Patricia just isn’t convinced and believes Florence’s needs a man especially as her sister Mia is getting married and therefore Florence needs a date! Florence agrees to visit a love doctor that is highly recommended according to Patricia. It is here Florence is asked to write a wish list of sorts, a list of what her perfect man should be. So when she meets Rory who ticks every box she just can’t quite believe her luck!

I will start by saying if reading about sex makes you uncomfortable this is not the book for you. I didn’t think it made me blush but at times even I had an embarrassed moment. The great thing about all the sex scenes is the way they end, I won’t spoil it but I laughed every time!

Florence starts off as quite a docile protagonist and it took me a bit too warm to her. However, the more the story is told the more it’s apparent she isn’t docile at all, let me just say herb garden you will know when you get there what I mean. Florence demonstrates some clear signs of OCD as well as an anxiety disorder and it’s great to read a book that talks so candid about mental illness, without making a huge deal of it.

It’s an interesting concept of a book, what if everything you ever wanted in a partner presents itself? Is the fantasy and reality the same? I must say I hated Rory from his entrance, he’s just arrogant but hey not everyone is attracted to the same type of person. I found even reading about him draining but I suppose that’s the point.

Florence really changes throughout the book and its fantastic. I found her to be a likeable lead and relatable also. She has low confidence, has insecurities, often feels anxious, has a pet as a best friend and is low on the friend department. She’s your average 30 something and that’s why not only she is relatable, but the entire book is as well. Her thoughts are funny, what woman hasn’t thought of food during sex? Things like that are why I thoroughly enjoyed her character.
The prose is written in first person, which for me always makes reading more fun. It’s like being part of someone’s inner monologue the entire book and Florence doesn’t let us down. The writing is full of humour and had me laughing so hard throughout. Especially whenever Patricia was involved, she is one of the funniest characters I’ve ever read. Forget evil stepmom more like oblivious step mum!!

The chapters are quite long and at times I required a little break during but only because I prefer shorter chapters, makes me feel like I’ve read loads! But in general the writing is witty and well developed.
We have an array of side characters throughout the book, all of whom impact Florence’s story in one way or another. It doesn’t feel like too many because they all fit certain groups: work, family, Rory, anxiety and pets. I never found myself asking who was who which is first for me!

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, I honestly can say I would. It’s an easy read and therefore a fast one so would be a great beach read! I managed to guess the plot quite early on but that didn’t ruin the end, if anything the end was a little rushed. Each character brings something to the book including the cat, making it not overwhelming! There are some laugh out loud moments, a few shockers and some emotive moments but it all works and all fits together nicely. It’s a tad on the cheesy side but if anything that just adds more character to the book. It was a fun read and I enjoyed it and I will definitely be looking at other work by Sophie Money-Coutts.

Thanks to the Girly Book Club, Sophie Money-Coutts and HarperCollins for a review copy of the wish list, reminding me I never want to meet a Rory the Tory.

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