This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz (Review By Kiley Mackell)

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As a rule, I generally stay away from any “self-help” or “love yourself” books, especially those written by celebrities. They always feel like one cliché after another. However, the minute I heard that Chrissy Metz was going to be releasing a new book I was interested. I, of course, can’t get enough of her character on This Is Us and was hoping it might include some tidbits from the show. I decided to go ahead and give it a read hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as some others I have read.

I once saw a meme that said, “there is no therapy like a conversation with your best friend”, and that’s exactly what this book felt like. I felt like I was trading stories with my best friend. Right away Metz showers you with awkward childhood stories and her tale of sitting down to lunch with Oprah. She uses these personal stories to share the life lesson she’s learned from it and how it’s helped her to become exactly what she is today. I couldn’t put it down. I was captivated by her storytelling and the humor she can bring to each page.

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