Three Little Lies BY Laura Marshall (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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I love a good suspense novel, one that keeps me on my toes. Three Little lies keeps you wondering, and maybe even a little confused, in a good way! The three main characters are Sasha,Karina and Ellen and at times I was trying to remind myself who they each were. The timeline goes back and forth between 2007 and 2017, so trying to keep track of the past and present of 3 different girls can get complicated. With that being said, go into the book knowing the more you read, the more you’ll find out. There are no real plot twists, but the story builds and you’ll want to keep reading to see what happens.

2005 Ellen is a lonely teenager in need of friends, and when Sasha moves in across the street they become best friends immediately. Sasha is beautiful and her personality really draws everyone to her, espically Ellen. Sasha’s family is very different then Ellen’s, allowing the girls to have friends over and drink, and with two brothers, there are parties and boys around all the times. Everything changes when one night something happens to their friend Karina at one of their parties, and everyone’s lives will be forever changed. Karina tells everyone that Sasha’s brother was responsible, but is she lying or is he? Ellen thinks she knows what happened, and testifies in court, but does she really know what happened, or is she lying? Fast forward to 2017 and Ellen and Sasha are roomates, and still the best of friends. When Sasha goes missing and the police are of no help, Ellen must start her own investigation as to where her best friend is. As the past starts to come back, Ellen worries Sasha’s dissapearnce might have something to do with the events from 2005, and she needs to go back and speak to everyone involved to see what they know. Chapter by chapter the story will unfold, and you’ll find youself convinced you know whats going to happen, but I bet you wont!

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