Twenty:Three by Kendyl Rose (Review by Stephanie Smith)

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This books opens with

“These words are my raw, uncut, autobiography
Stamped in Stone with some photography”

The above precisely sums up this book.

While this book is 103 pages it’s intertwined with photography and blank pages. And no text containing page has more than 100 words.  It’s a very quick read. It’s poetic format and is raw insight into the author’s soul.My first inclination is to say I didn’t love Twenty-Three. It was roughly written and had a dramatic flair.

After pause and reflection I’m not sure the author wrote the story to be loved but instead shared some of her deepest feelings. Once I took that mindset it was hard to judge the writing itself. Instead I respected the authors ability and courage to be so raw.

This is a quick read, but I encourage any reader to take the time to let this book speak to you before judging. Even taking the time to reread.  It’s raw and heart felt. I also encourage readers to reflect on your life, mindset, and maturity at 23 and by doing this I think any female can relate to parts of this book.

While I still am not in love with this particular writing I do respect it and glad that author felt brave enough to let me into her soul.  I would give this book a 3.7 out of 5.

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