Vortex by Catherine Coulter (Review by Lara Ferguson)

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Rating: 4/5

A young college girl disappears without a trace, seven years later there are still no answers. A CIA mission goes wrong, and an agent disappears with an essential piece of evidence. These are the initial challenges Savich and Sherlock face in the latest FBI Thriller from Catherine Coulter.

Employing intriguing characters that must be loved or hated, Vortex, combines constantly evolving situations effortlessly drawing the reader into its center, not quite giving away the details until the tension has reached its peak and release is required. The drama moves seamlessly between the storylines, utilizing already established relationships and developing new ones. Coulter builds on familiar characters, while introducing readers to new friends and enemies and developing friendships that we hope will be explored in coming novels.

Although in spots, the situations seem a bit orchestrated, it doesn’t take away from the pleasure of getting lost in the smooth flow of the unfolding adventure—enjoying a little danger vicariously in the safety of the imagination.
Coulter has given us a fun, easy read, with well-crafted dialogue and interesting relationships. The verbal exchanges between the FBI and CIA and the budding romantic relationships lend a human touch to a book that tackles simultaneously the otherwise serious subjects of rape and terrorism.

Vortex not only doesn’t gloss over the monsters that may live in plain sight, but it also shines a light on the good guys who are around to protect us–all the while reminding us that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

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