We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen (Review by Caitlin Winkler)

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Rating: 4/5 stars

What a fun book! I think the back cover says it best, “An extraordinary and emotional adventure about unlikely friends and the power of choosing who you want to be”. While it may be natural to try to call this a “magical superheroes book”, I think there is a lot more to it that makes it challenging to describe in a brief review, in my opinion.

Jamie and Zoe at first glance do not have much in common. After all, one is a notorious villain, with an adorable cat named Normal, and one a hero vigilante/food delivery woman. However, it seems that these two have much more in common than they first realize. Both have no memories of their lives other than their recent memories and both have extraordinary abilities. These two factors bring the unlikely pair together to solve the mystery of who they are and how they got this way. Along the way they learn more about each other and themselves, while also working to discover the source of their abilities.

I really enjoyed reading this book and, while I felt the beginning took a little longer than I usually like to get into, once the plot picked up I found myself racing through the second half! The characters have a sense of humor and wittiness to them that I truly enjoyed and felt really added to the narration. This book is also already getting a lot of buzz as a top book of 2021, so if my review did not persuade you to add it to your TBR, then maybe that fact will.

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