Well, That Escalated Quickly by Franchesca Ramsey (review by Alena Dervisevic)

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Although I personally had not followed along with Ramsey’s career in real time, reading Well, That Escalated Quickly caught me right up to speed. Her viral videos and rise to internet fame where swift and to many of us would seem like an impressive success, but Ramsey bears it all describing the wonderful and the less than wonderful moments in her journey. This is a tell all of her experiences to date, the many lessons she learned and how she became to be recognized as an activist.

If you’re interested in the world of an online celebrity or rise to stardom, this is a great read. Ramsey seems very grateful and thankful for her life and fans and where her hard work and their support has brought he. But as we know, the road to success isn’t without it’s obstacles and tumultuous weather.

If you participate in social media in any way, Ramsey’s story really gives a great glimpse into a side of things that most of us don’t see. I can’t help but wonder, as her career moves on if there will be a second installment, as it seems early days to call this a final memoire.

Ramsey’s writing style is easy and her tone is modern and relatable. It’s a nice and easy summer read.

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