West End Girly by Jenny Colgan (Review by Jennifer Holmes)

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Rating 4 stars

Oh Jenny Colgan, you have my book heart forever and ever! Always lighthearted and full of sweet love you really can’t go wrong when you need a feel-good story.

West End Girls was a delightful read and I found myself smiling throughout most of the book. Two wacky sisters take us on a journey as they work through getting real grown up jobs and finding true love. It won’t be easy, and it might be fun, they will for sure get themselves into some trouble!

Lizzie and Penny are twin sisters but different in every way. Lizzie is the quiet kind sister who would rather stay home and eat crisps by the TV while Penny wants to shag a man with money who can rescue her from her life! Living with their mum in a tiny apartment is stifling at times but it’s always been just the three of them. It comes as a surprise when they find out their grandmother needs them to flat-sit in Chelsea. What an amazing opportunity to live on their own, together, in Chelsea of all places! They will find amazing jobs, rich boyfriends, Lizzie will lose weight and Penny will somehow become famous, or that’s the plan!

What they discover is their grandmother is a hoarder and they mustn’t move a thing, glamorous jobs are hard to come by, and rich men don’t just appear when you want one. These two have a lot to learn if they are going to be West End Girls!

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