What Happens Now? By Sophia Money-Coutts (Review by Oscarine B Barukh)

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Rating: 5/5

The story is set in London where Lillian Bailey, a 31-year-old school Teacher finds herself in a situation that would probably change her life for the best. After having just split up with her long term Lawyer boyfriend of eight years.  She had her life sorted out, well so she thought, until her live in boyfriend dumps her for a twenty something blonde colleague of his.  Coached by her best friend Jess, Lil gets back on the dating game. On her first date with a dashing young aristocrat, they go back to his place and have the most amazing sex.

She wakes up in the morning to find a note and no sign of Max. The next time she sees him it’s on TV a few hours later at her friend Jess’s house. She decides to research him and finds that he is heir to a vast fortune. Three weeks later, she is late; peeing on a stick confirms her fears. What happens now? Will she or will she not keep the baby? And Max? How would she inform him?

This book is so much more that a romance story. Money-Coutts perfectly combined the modern dating scene with aristocracy. The chapters are relatable, funny and sexy. Who wouldn’t want to read a romantic novel with no sex in it?  Every character in this book is eccentric in their own little ways. Families come in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for that perfect summer holiday or beach read, look no further.

A fantastic read and a Girly Book Club must pick.

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